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Red People Eaters - Beginner Coral

Red People Eaters Zoanthids have a purple face and red skirt, and a bright neon green mouth.

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Red People Eaters are a great coral for beginners to advanced aquarists. They can handle higher levels of nitrate than SPS and LPS corals.

Lighting & Water Flow Movement: Red People Eaters require moderate water flow and moderate lighting. If Red People Eaters are kept higher in the tank they tend to lose their red color for a lighter almost translucent red. Lower in the the tank Red People Eaters will have a deep color. They can tolerate a vast range of lighting.

Tank Placement:  Middle of the aquarium. They will expand quickly over a rock.

Feeding: Red People Eaters absorb dissolved organics from the water column. It is possible to give supplemental feedings like micro-plankton or mysis.

This coral is 100% Aquacultured. Fully acclimated to marine aquarium.

Red People Eaters have the ability to sting other corals. try to provide sufficient space between the Red People Eater and other corals because of its semi-aggressive temperament.

Data sheet
Type Soft Corals
Category Zoanthids
Care level Easy for beginner
Aggressiveness Semi-aggressive
Placement Middle to Top
Lighting Medium Light
Water Flow Medium
Color Red
Growth Fast

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